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Pixel Guardians
2-4 Players  |  30-45 Minutes  |  Ages 12+

Pixel Guardians

$24.99 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price
  • An evil summoner is calling forth ancient dragons to attack the peaceful kingdom of Pixel! As the dragons storm the kingdom, combine body sections until complete dragons are created.


    Use your guardian army to attack these threats by matching attack gems & earn points for slaying body sections. Cast spells to conquer entire dragons, use shiny treasure to lure dragons away from the kingdom, or steal dragon sections from other players by trumping their attack. But be careful…all players are looking to earn fame and glory by collecting the most points and can turn on you at any time! Thwart their attempts by using chains to protect dragon sections you have already conquered and keep them on the battlefield so they can’t be lured away...


    Decide the right time to make your moves. Rid the kingdom of these evil beasts & earn the most points to win!

    • 64 Dragon Cards
    • 80 Guardian Cards
    • 40 Hit Markers
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